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View hair and beard beauty tools on website of Beauty & Personal Care Factory Distributor here. We provide excellent Hair Straightner brushes, Ceramic Curling Irons, Negative Ionic customized Hair Straighteners, 2 in 1  Hair Straightener Flat Iron Curlers and so on.

Our hot hair brush gently detangles tangled strands by dispensing natural oils to lubricate each of your hair strands.

Our negative Ionic customized hair straightener saturates airflow. This helps to condition, smooth and shinier hair while reducing frizz and static.

Hair personal care factory adopts steam design for hair straightener, along with steaming, allows water ions to penetrate from the tips to the roots, locking in 90% of moisture and adding 50% more moisture to the hair. This helps keep hair looking healthy and smooth .

Cordless hair straighteners and curlers work just as well as cords, making it more convenient for you to use, not restricted by cords, and free to move, making them ideal for on-the-go use.

To make hair more attractive and healther, we focus on the hair tools, and we have professional team of design and R & D. Know more details, welcome to get them from the personal care factory in China.

good hair tool from personal care distributor and factory

Negative Ionic customized Hair Straightener

Negative Ionic Customized Hair Straightener promises to provide smooth, healthy hair with less frizz and damage. The process involves the microscopic application of charged ions to the hair's surface and interior during the styling process. The exact reasons for these processes remain unclear, but they imply benefits such as reduced porosity, improved strength and better protection from future damage.

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2 In 1 Hair Curler Straightening Brush For Curly

Achieving a super straight hairstyle has never been easier with our 2 in 1 Hair Curler Straightening Brush for Curly hair. With just one pass, you’ll be amazed at how efficient and effortless hair styling can be. We’ve been specializing in wholesaling hair curlers and straightening brushes for many years, so you can trust us to provide you with the best quality products.

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Negative Ion Electric Hair Straightening Curling Hair Style Tool

A negative ion electric hair straightening curling hair style tool is professional for straightening curly and dry hair. It uses ion technology to help create a smooth and frizz-free finish by working with the natural cuticle of your An ionic hair straightening a professional tool for straightening curly and dry hair. It uses ion technology to help create a smooth and frizz-free finish by working with the natural cuticle of your hair in a way that helps it retain moisture and creates a sleeker, healthier-looking style than regular irons or flat irons.

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Automatic Hair Curling Iron

The Automatic Hair Curling Iron heats up quickly and features an automatic rotating option that creates beautiful curls in both directions. Made of tourmaline ceramic, it won’t tangle your hair while styling, leaving it shiny, smooth, and silky. Plus, you can customize the color to your liking and we’ll make it just for you! Tourmaline Ceramic Technology + Auto Rotating = Flawless Curls.

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Negative Ion Fast Heating Hair Straightening Brush

Our negative ion hair straightening brush has been specially designed to make your hair more manageable, shiny and beautiful. Featuring ceramic plates, it can effectively get rid of frizzy hair and split ends. There are many temperature choice to help straighten your hair in a short time. In addition, its anti-static technology can effectively prevent static electricity from building up in your hair, making it healthier and smoother.

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Negative Ion One Step Hair Brush Straightening Hair Brush

Our hair straightening brush is perfect for all hair types and is designed to give you the smoothest, safest blow dry possible. Unlike other technologies, it doesn’t create hot spots that can damage your hair, making it ideal for those with thin or damaged hair. With this brush, you can achieve a salon-quality blowout without the risk of damaging your hair.

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Negative Ion Heated Straightening Brush

The Negative Ion Heated Straightening Brush is an electrical appliance designed to straighten and smooth hair while also improving its strength and overall health. Straighteners generally use heat to press and smooth hair, but the introduction of charged ions is intended to make this process both longer-lasting and less damaging.

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2 in 1 Hair Straightener Flat Iron Curler

The 2 in 1 hair straightener flat iron, a great tool for long and curly hair. If you have long hair, then you know that it can be challenging for you to style your hair. A good hair straightening iron will allow you to style your hair without having to spend hours in the bathroom trying to get waves out of it. These straightener irons are also great for everyday use because they help to protect your hair from getting damaged like other blow dryers do. This makes them perfect for women who want protecting their curls while they style it.

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Customized Mini Hair Straightner brush

We provide a hair straightener brush for short hair and thick hair, and it is lightweight, compact flat iron that offers fast heating and long-lasting results, the Xiaolu hair straightener brush is what you need. This professional-grade Mini straightening brush comes with a dual voltage and takes less time to straighten your hair by evenly distributing heat throughout the entire shaft. It can be used on all hair types and in any environments as well.

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Negative Ionic Electric Hair straightening brush

Straightening brushes are designed to straighten your hair while making it look more glossy and shiny. Unlike other styling tools, they work on wet or dry hair, minimizing the drying time. Brushing is not the only way to use as straightening brush. You can also use it like a curler to create tight curls or waves.reate tight curls or waves.

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Rose Gold Fast Heating Hair Style Tool

This Rose Gold Hair Styling Tool heats up super fast thanks to its PTC technology - it hits 180℃ in just 60 seconds! Plus, the bigger heating area means you can cover more hair and get your styling done in a flash. And here’s a bonus: it cuts down on static electricity by up to 87%, so you’ll have fewer pesky flyaways. Plus, the negative ions work with positive ions to lock in moisture, which helps protect your hair from frizz and damage.

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The ultimate Ionic Enhanced Hot Straightening Brush

The Ultimate Ionic Enhanced Hot Straightening Brush in Xiaolu is suitable for the daily usage at home or abroad. With built-in negative ion technology, it could work more effectively to make fewer flyaways and lock in the moisture of your hair, providing your smooth and shiny hair. Powered with 100V and 240V dual voltage, you can use it at home or even if you are traveling in some parts of the world where voltage conversion is necessary!

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