negative ion hair straightener styling comb

Negative Ion One Step Hair Brush Straightening Hair Brush

Our hair straightening brush is perfect for all hair types and is designed to give you the smoothest, safest blow dry possible. Unlike other technologies, it doesn’t create hot spots that can damage your hair, making it ideal for those with thin or damaged hair. With this brush, you can achieve a salon-quality blowout without the risk of damaging your hair.

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Negative Ion Heated Straightening Brush

The Negative Ion Heated Straightening Brush is an electrical appliance designed to straighten and smooth hair while also improving its strength and overall health. Straighteners generally use heat to press and smooth hair, but the introduction of charged ions is intended to make this process both longer-lasting and less damaging.

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Cordless Negative Ion Hair Straightener brush

The bristles are often made of nylon or silicone materials which is heat resistance and anti scald. The Cordless Negative Ion Hair Straightener brush with protective cover to tame your mane throughout the day! Easily straighten and style your beard and hair in minutes.There is engine safety lock in the brush, It will not be launched before the lock opened.Cordless style,It is very convenient to carry to travel, you can make styles anytime and anywhere.

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