2 In 1 Hair Curler Straightening Brush For Curly
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2 In 1 Hair Curler Straightening Brush For Curly

Achieving a super straight hairstyle has never been easier with our 2 in 1 Hair Curler Straightening Brush for Curly hair. With just one pass, you’ll be amazed at how efficient and effortless hair styling can be. We’ve been specializing in wholesaling hair curlers and straightening brushes for many years, so you can trust us to provide you with the best quality products.

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Hair Curler Straightening Brush Description

    [Perfect Look]: The 2 in 1 hair curler straightening brush for curly hair not only works great, but it also looks sleek and stylish, giving you the perfect look you desire!

    [Make Curls and Waves]: Whether you’re looking to create beautiful curls and waves or simply straighten and smooth your hair, it is the perfect tool for the job!

    [Protective for Hair]: It features a ceramic coating that not only protects your hair from heat damage, but also leaves it looking smooth and shiny.



Product No. KR009
Rated voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated power 45W
Temperature indicator LED indicator
Adjustable temperature 140-220°C/280-430°F
Temperature setting 5 level temperature settings 20per setting
power cord 360°swivelpower cord
Shell material PET+Glass fiber(Heat resistant composite )
Anti scalding comb tooth material PA46 (Heat resistant nylon)
Materialofheat conductor Aluminium
Heater PTC
Diementions 236*61*45mm
Green Hair Curler Tools Wholesale

Features of Hair Curler Straightening Brush

    [Fast Efficiency with Ceramic Heater]: It heats up in just 30 seconds thanks to its upgraded ceramic heating (PTC) technology. Whether you’re straightening or curling your hair, the hair brush will help you achieve the look you want in no time!

    [Anti-scald and Safe Design]: The hair curler straightening brush is designed to keep your scalp safe from high temperatures, and the flame-retardant plastic frame provides all-around protection. Plus, our straightener brush has a handy automatic shut-off feature for added security. It will turn off automatically after 60 minutes, ensuring safety for you and your loved ones.

    [5 Temperature Gears is Easy to Make Style]: It is super easy to use with its temperature adjustable feature using the “+/-” buttons. You can choose from 5 different temperature settings to suit your hair type, including wigs! The temperature range is from 280℉ to 430℉, so you can find the perfect heat level for your hair.

    [Quick Heating]: It heats up super fast, so you can use it in a pinch! Plus, it won’t slow you down or delay your schedule. 

    [Thin or Damaged Hair Accepted]: Whether you have damaged hair or thin and soft hair, the brush is perfect for you! You can create your desired hairstyle without worrying about damaging your hair. Plus, your hairstyle will last all day long!


Hair Curler Straightening Brush Advantages

  • Suitability for thin or easily damaged hair due to low heat levels
  • The absence of hot spots, which reduces the risk of accidentally damaging hair
  • Removal of static electricity while adding negative ions
  • More manageable process, as hair is being brushed and flattened at the same time
  • Adding shine to dull hair
  • Quick to reach ideal temperature
  • More frequent use than flat iron devices as they are safer on the hair and scalp
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Using Tips

    Divide You Hair Up

    The thicker your hair is, the more you will need to divide it, to make your job easier.

    Switch on your hairbrush straightener and set the right temperature for your hair type. Dyed hair will need a lower temperature than your normal hair type would, but we would always recommend starting from the lowest temperature and then increasing it if you need to.


Start Brushing

    Take the first section of hair in one hand, then hold the hairbrush straightener up by the roots, but underneath your hair, so that the bristles are poking outwards. This gives your hair some lift and volume at the roots, while still straightening it efficiently.

    Don’t brush through too quickly, otherwise, the heat won’t have a chance to act on the hairs. Instead, brush through slowly, but don’t stop and hold it still at any stage, otherwise you may overheat your hair.


Finishing Touches

    Once you have worked through all of your hair and are happy with your new style, switch off the hairbrush straightener and leave it to cool. You can apply some hairspray to your hair to keep it in place.

    After you have applied the hairspray and the hairbrush straightener has cooled don’t forget to clean it before putting it away. Wipe it with a clean cloth to remove any residue each time you use it to prevent a build-up which could shorten the lifespan of your straightener.

Hair Curler Tools Wholesale comany

Dongguan Xiaolu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing hair flat iron, hair curler, hair straightener brush, hot air hair brush and hair dryer etc, ODM and OEM professions. Hair Curler Tools Wholesale factory

There are more than 80 skilled employees working at our factory, including 6 professional Research and development members. Above 10,000 sets daily output can be produced by our 4 standardized production lines.hair tools wholesale company certificate

As a professional manufactory, we have ISO9001 quality certification and BSCI audited passed. We are the owner of over 20 patents at home and abroad. To a great extend, we are serving to cross-border e-commerce merchants, domestic & foreign brand vendors and trading companies etc. For more, All of our products have obtained certifications of CE, FCC,UKCA, PSE, CCC, GCC,UL etc.

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Our factory is specilized in hair appliance manufacturing, OEM & ODM profession.Orders can be Customized logo, color and packing etc. Packing by standrad colorful box,up & Bottom Cover box, magneitc box and gifts box are available.

Delivery time will be about 30 days, EXW and FOB trade terms are acceptable.

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