Glide Smooting Hot Brush
hot electric hair styling brush
hot electric hair styling brush
hot electric hair styling brush
hot electric hair styling brush
hot electric hair styling brush
hot electric hair styling brush
hot electric hair styling brush
  • hot electric hair styling brush
  • hot electric hair styling brush
  • hot electric hair styling brush
  • hot electric hair styling brush
  • hot electric hair styling brush
  • hot electric hair styling brush
  • hot electric hair styling brush

Glide Smooting Hot Brush

Do you have coarse, curly or thick hair that is coiled and difficult to manage? If so, the Xiaolu glide smoothing hot brush is ideal for you. This hot brush features advanced Ionic technology that helps to give your hair a vibrant appearance, making it smoother and healthier than ever before.

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Description about Glide Hot Brush

    [Multiple Temperature Settings with Automatic Turn-off Design]: The Glide hot brush has sixteen temperature settings to meet your specific hair needs. For soft hair, use temperatures below 330℉. For permanent waves and damaged hair, use temperatures between 330-370℉. For medium hair and slightly curly hair, use temperatures between 370-390℉. For thick and hard hair, use temperatures up to 450℉. This electric hair styling brush also has an automatic shut-off feature after 60 minutes for added safety.

    [Super Fast Heat-up Time]: With its advanced ceramic heating (PTC) technology, this hot brush heats up quickly, saving you time and making it the perfect tool for busy individuals who want to look their best without spending hours on their hair. Whether you’re looking to straighten your hair or simply tame unruly curls, the Xiaolu Glide Smoothing Hot Brush is the perfect choice for achieving the perfect look.



Customized Hot Electric Hair Styling Brush


Glide Hot Brush Feature

    [All Ages Accept]: The glide hot brush is perfect for both kids and adults, and it’s designed with safety in mind, so you can use it worry-free. Even if you’re not a hair styling expert, this brush can help you create beautiful hairstyles with ease.

    [High Quality LED Digital Display]: The glide hot brush features an LED display that shows the temperature, and it’s made with high-quality, advanced technology to ensure durability. The special design also allows you to see if the temperature you’re using will have any impact on your hair. So, you can use it with confidence, knowing that it’s both safe and effective.


Glide Hot Brush Advantages

    [Reduces Frizz]: The glide hot brush uses negative ions to seal broken cuticles, which helps keep hair strands in place. This means you’ll no longer have to deal with frizzy or irregular hair texture.

    [Adds Smoothness and Shine]: Once you use the Glide hot brush, you’ll be amazed at how smooth your hair can be. With the right technique, you’ll achieve a natural, elegant look that will make you stand out in any crowd. Get ready to feel confident and beautiful with your new, smooth hair!


Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: Will this work for short hair?

    A: Yes! This hair styling brush is recommended for short hair and shoulder length hair. It is also suitable for hair of collarbone length and above.

    Q2: Does the hot electric hair styling brush work on thick hair?

    A: If you hair is thick, here are two tips to help you to get a better result.

    Divide your hair into a few sections and brush a small amount of hair each time.

    Hold the bottom part of your hair when you brush and slip down slowly.

    Q3: How long will hair stay straight?

    A: About 24 hours.

    Q4: Does it work for really curly hair ?

    A: This hot styling brush has multiple heat settings, you can always find the right setting to style your hair.

hot electric hair styling brush company

Dongguan Xiaolu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing hair flat iron, hair curler, hair straightener brush, hot air hair brush and hair dryer etc, ODM and OEM professions. hot electric hair styling brush factory

There are more than 80 skilled employees working at our factory, including 6 professional Research and development members. Above 10,000 sets daily output can be produced by our 4 standardized production lines.certificates in hot electric hair styling brush company

As a professional manufactory, we have ISO9001 quality certification and BSCI audited passed. We are the owner of over 20 patents at home and abroad. To a great extend, we are serving to cross-border e-commerce merchants, domestic & foreign brand vendors and trading companies etc. For more, All of our products have obtained certifications of CE, FCC,UKCA, PSE, CCC, GCC,UL etc.

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Our factory is specilized in hair appliance manufacturing, OEM & ODM profession.Orders can be Customized logo, color and packing etc. Packing by standrad colorful box,up & Bottom Cover box, magneitc box and gifts box are available.

Delivery time will be about 30 days, EXW and FOB trade terms are acceptable.

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