Hair Straightener Brush For Women&Men, Straightener Machine Brush

Hair Straightener Brush For Women&Men, Straightener Machine Brush

This hair straightening brush heats up crazy fast, like in just 30 seconds, so it’s perfect for busy bees. And get this, it releases negative ions that lock in moisture, leaving your hair looking sleek and shiny all day long. Plus, the LED temperature display is built to last for years, so no worries about it breaking on you. You’ll be looking like a million bucks in no time!

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Description about Straightener Machine Brush

    [30s Instant Heating]: Powerful ceramic heated plates deliver consistent even temperature across the entire surface. PTC instant heating recovery gives superior results with less passes and faster styling, saving time and perfect for your busy morning.

    [Fit All Hair Types]: China straightener machine brush with heat settings from 340°F to 420°F salon high heat, it's easy to find the perfect, healthy temperature for your hair! Straighten and smooth your hair without flattening or creasing like a flat iron.



Straightener Machine Brush

Straightener Machine Brush Feature

    [Smoothing & Straightening Brush]: The ceramic coating on this brush makes the bristles smoother, harder, and longer lasting. And get this, it adds an unparalleled shine to your hair! Plus, there are more bristles for a better grip while styling, making it perfect for all hair types. You won’t find a better brush out there!

    [Comfortable & Easy to Use]: The ceramic bristles on this brush glide through your hair like butter, with way less snagging. And get this, the ends of the bristles stay cool to prevent heat damage to your roots and protect your scalp. You can style your hair with ease and peace of mind knowing your locks are in good hands!

    [Eliminates Frizz]: Ceramic and Negative ion hair straightener brush technology gives your hair extra shine, reduces frizz & static, and the brush styler maintains your hair's volume, helps you look perfect the whole day!


Straightener Machine Brush Advantage

    [6 Temperature Settings]: With this hair straightener, you’re in control! You can choose the temperature that works best for you, and it heats up super fast with even distribution. No need to worry about the top and end getting less power. It’s like having a magic wand for your hair!

    [Lightweight & Portable]: This hair straightener machine brush is so lightweight, you won’t even feel like you’re holding it! You can style your hair all day long without getting tired. Plus, it’s versatile and can help you achieve any style you want. And get this, it’s super portable and easy to carry with you wherever you go. It’s like having a mini salon in your pocket!


    For the nervous nellies that fear the potential damage of smashing their delicate hair strands between metal plates, worry no more. The straightening brush does not require any additional parts to aid in creating a smooth polished look.


Using Tips

    1.We can spray the hair with a small amount of water first, so that when we use the straightening brush, the negative ions released will neutralize the static electricity, and at the same time, the hair will absorb moisture to achieve the effect of hair care.

    2.Prepare the hair straightening comb, plug in the plug, the temperature needs to be adjusted according to the thickness of your hair, and adjust it to between 140 degrees and 160 degrees, which is healthy and warm and will not damage your hair. After the temperature, comb the hair briefly with a straightening comb.

    3.From the root of the hair to the tip of the hair, pull down straight and down gently, do not stop, you can hold the tip of the hair with your hand, and the speed is slightly slower.

    4.Repeat this action several times, every 10 seconds, and you can get perfectly straight hair. The straight hair is fluffy and has a natural arc.

    5.After use, press the switch key, disconnect the power supply, unplug the product, and store it after the product has no heat.

china lcd hair straightening brush company

Dongguan Xiaolu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing hair flat iron, hair curler, hair straightener brush, hot air hair brush and hair dryer etc, ODM and OEM professions. china lcd hair straightening brush factory

There are more than 80 skilled employees working at our factory, including 6 professional Research and development members. Above 10,000 sets daily output can be produced by our 4 standardized production lines.公司详情页_03.jpg

As a professional manufactory, we have ISO9001 quality certification and BSCI audited passed. We are the owner of over 20 patents at home and abroad. To a great extend, we are serving to cross-border e-commerce merchants, domestic & foreign brand vendors and trading companies etc. For more, All of our products have obtained certifications of CE, FCC,UKCA, PSE, CCC, GCC,UL etc.



Our factory is specilized in hair appliance manufacturing, OEM & ODM profession.Orders can be Customized logo, color and packing etc. Packing by standrad colorful box,up & Bottom Cover box, magneitc box and gifts box are available.

Delivery time will be about 30 days, EXW and FOB trade terms are acceptable.

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