Personalized Beard Mustache Straightener Brush

Personalized Beard Mustache Straightener Brush

Perfect gift for men and designed for facial hair with the personalized beard mustache straightener brush. This brush uses a temperature control feature to effectively straighten even the curliest of beards. Plus, it causes less heat damage to your beard, so you can achieve a sleek look without sacrificing the health of your facial hair.

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About This Beard Mustache Straightener Brush

    Rated voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz

    Rated power: 30W

    Temperature display: LCD digital display

    Shell material: PET+ Glass fiber (high temperature composite)

    Anti-ironing comb material: PA66 (heat- resistant nylon)

    Heat conduction material: aluminum

    Heating element: PTC



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Features of Beard Mustache Straightener Brush

    [Fast and Long-lasting Results]: Advanced ionic conditioning combined with anti-static coating provides for an easy glide through the facial hair with less snagging and frizz and fast, long lasting results. Easily straighten and brush in one step!

    [Auto Safety Shut-Off]: You can straighten your beard at any angle, making it convenient to operate with one hand and reducing strain on wrist during operation. Automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of discontinued use. The device auto shuts off if it is not used for continuously 30 minutes thereby preventing any energy wastage and prolonging the life of the machine as well.


Beard Mustache Straightener Brush Advantages

    [Portable]: Suitable size straightener on the market. Highly portable, it can be your everyday carry (EDC) device.

    [Straighten Neat Beard in 2 Minutes]: Fast Heating & Six Heat Settings, helps achieve neat beard in 2 minutes.

    [Safe for You & Your Beard]: Designed specifically for facial hair to avoid damaging beard and burning skin.


Using Tips

    Step#1. Cleaning the beard firstly

    After cleaning your beard and choosing a low-temperature setting first, then you can adjust temperature according to your beard types. 250-280℉ for medium thin beard; 320-360℉ for normal wavy beard; 400-430℉ for thick curly beard.

    Step #2. Comb Through Your Beard

    Use a beard comb or brush to detangle your beard and ensure there are no knots or tangles. This will also help evenly distribute the heat protectant you applied.

    Step #3. Grab Your Beard Straightener

    Reach for the tool in question. Plug in your mens beard brush straightener and give it a few seconds to heat up. Then, slowly run the brush through your beard as if you were brushing the hair. Start at the top of your beard and work your way toward the end in small sections. Continue to comb through your beard with the beard straightener until it’s sleek and straight.

mens beard brush straightener company

Dongguan Xiaolu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing hair flat iron, hair curler, hair straightener brush, hot air hair brush and hair dryer etc, ODM and OEM professions. 公司详情页_02.jpg

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Our factory is specilized in hair appliance manufacturing, OEM & ODM profession.Orders can be Customized logo, color and packing etc. Packing by standrad colorful box,up & Bottom Cover box, magneitc box and gifts box are available.

Delivery time will be about 30 days, EXW and FOB trade terms are acceptable.

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